We have recently delved into the world of web design/development and SEO as a better way to expand our business communications services. While offering this new service we recognise that there is a strong competitive market out there with other web developers and agencies. Therefore we have tasked ourselves by keeping up to date with the latest trends and changes that are happening in web design. One thing we have been finding with our clients is that there is a need for responsive design, UX design and brand focus but there is still room to be unique and innovative with content.

One thing we have recently been finding is the need for a strong design focus and in particular flat design. Using minimalism, simple typography and large images with vibrant colours can really enhance your website without cluttering it with multiple features and functions. Using strong images to present your brand and company can be a powerful and effective tool. To go one step further there is the option to add blur and textured effects with larger images. This can help with image optimisation and to keep your website at a manageable size.

If you would like to explore how your website can be transformed through using flat design then get in touch.